Research: the true value of

By nature, man sets himself the goal of improving his times, focussing on the good of himself, his family, and of the whole world ... Research is the route towards this better future, and Krono System bases its values on it: at a time when the large multinationals, concerned solely with their profits, show themselves to be the cause of environmental issues, our company is in the vanguard, promoting sustainable development with products that show a responsibility towards nature, such as:

Zero Bact: antibacterial acrylic designed for medical environments for all those who care about hygiene and health.

Acryl + and Acryl Matt: acrylic has superseded glossy and matt lacquers, improving esthetics and eliminating the harmful emissions of traditional paint.

Nova: a synthetic wood: made without cutting down trees, finished without causing any pollution.

What's more, Krono System:
· Guarantees the non-transferability of substances to foods;
· Ensures an almost total absence of Volatile Organic Compounds during production and indoors;
· Adopts policies aimed at reducing wastage of: materials, water, electrical energy, methane gas and diesel;
· Is committed to the reduction, selection and separation of waste;
· Safeguards its employees with a working environment that is safe, clean and tidy.

When economy and ecology go hand in hand: this is Krono System.